Snuffle Babe Nasal Drops 10ml

Snuffle Babe Nasal Drops 10ml

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What are Snufflebabe Nasal Drops?
Snufflebabe Nasal Drops are gentle drops which help to clear your baby’s blocked nose. These sterile drops clear blockage and irritants from your little one’s nose, so they can feel more comfortable and breathe more easily. These drops can be used from birth and are perfect to use before your baby goes to sleep or is fed, which can both be difficult or uncomfortable if your baby has a blocked nose.

Why does my baby have a blocked nose?
It’s not unusual for a baby to get a blocked nose, and although it’s usually harmless, it can make your little one feel irritated and fussy. There are lots of reasons why your baby may have a blocked nose, including:

A cold or other viral illness
Hay fever or allergies
Dry air, e.g. air in air-conditioned or heated rooms
Other irritants, e.g. perfumes, cigarette smoke, dust

How will Snufflebabe Nasal Drops help to clear my baby’s blocked nose?
Snufflebabe Nasal Drops are made from saline solution, which is gentle, sterile, and, most importantly, safe! It helps to clean away pollen, dust, bacteria, and mucus from the inside of your baby’s nose, helping them to feel more comfortable and removing the blockage. The gentle formula means that you can use it as much as you need to without irritating your baby’s sensitive nose, perfect for when they have a cold or during hay fever season.
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