Mozzipatch mosquito patches x12 (防蚊贴)

Mozzipatch mosquito patches x12 (防蚊贴)

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MoZZipatch™ is a trademarked mosquito repellent with a unique delivery system. It is part of a new generation of spatial repellents which do not require application to the skin. No more sticky lotions and sprays!

MoZZipatch™ is made from electrospun material creating a large surface area within the patch to hold the maximum amount of the mosquito repelling active ingredient Citrepel® 75 (PMD). Citrepel® 75 (PMD) is a clinically proven effective shield against mosquitoes.
When the sealed foil packet is opened and the MoZZipatch® is applied, the active ingredient continues to release for up to 8 hours helping to protect against mosquitoes.

Active ingredient: High Concentration Citrepel® 75 (P-Menthane-3,8-idol known as PMD

How to use MoZZipatch™
Peel MoZZipatch™ off the backing sheet and attach to clothing, bedding, stroller or other nearby objects.

Suitable for the whole family. To obtain the best results, apply one MoZZipatch™ to the lower body and one to the upper body.

MoZZipatch™ is humidity, rain and sweat proof meaning it is effective whilst playing sport, taking part in outdoor pursuits. Perfect for children at play.

Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact occurs, rinse immediately with water. Do not apply directly to skin. If any irritation occurs, stop use and consult a doctor if necessary. This is not a toy, use only with adult supervision.
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