Hedrin Treat and Go Spray  头虱治疗喷雾剂60ml((保护和调理头发,免受头虱侵扰,杀死虱子)

Hedrin Treat and Go Spray 头虱治疗喷雾剂60ml((保护和调理头发,免受头虱侵扰,杀死虱子)


Hedrin Treat & Go 是一种轻松的解决方案,非常适合只想出去玩耍的儿童,适合成人和 6 个月以上的儿童。

什么是 Hedrin Treat & Go Spray?

Hedrin Treat & Go Spray 是一种用于去除头皮上的头虱的治疗形式。这种治疗方法得益于两种活性成分:

  • 聚二甲基硅氧烷
  • 阿维多尔

Hedrin Treat & Go 是摆脱头虱及其卵的一种简单的方法。它很轻,不粘腻,可以快速轻松地涂抹在头发上,也很容易洗掉。它含有 5% 的 Activdiol,它不是化学毒物。它通过一个物理过程有效地破坏虱子的外层皮肤并使其脱水和死亡。 Hedrin Treat & Go 可以根据需要经常使用,不会产生虱子抵抗力。

使用前摇匀瓶子,然后涂抹在干燥的头发上。将溶液揉搓或梳理到头发上,确保在头皮和头发上使用足够的量。晾干或使用吹风机。将溶液放置 8 小时,然后将其洗掉。7 天后重复此过程。

仅限于外用。如果喷雾剂不慎接触到眼睛,请用水冲洗并冲洗干净。如果出现皮疹或其他过敏症状,请停止使用 Hedrin。6 个月以下的儿童只能在医疗监督下接受治疗。如果溢出,Hedrin 可能会导致滑倒危险。在接受 Hedrin 治疗时,让头发远离火源,尤其是明火和燃烧的香烟。如果点燃,处理过的头发很容易燃烧。


Hedrin Treat & Go is a fuss-free solution great for children who just want to get out and play and is suitable for adults and children 6 months plus.

Hedrin Treat & Go is an easy, no-fuss way to get rid of head lice and their eggs. It is light, non-sticky and spreads quickly and easily on the hair and washes out easily too. It contains Activdiol 5% which is not a chemical poison. It works by a physical process which effectively disrupts the outer skin of the louse and causes it to dehydrate and die. Hedrin Treat & Go can be used as often as required without lice developing resistance.

• A leave in treatment to wash out later.

• Water-based treatment which rinses out of hair easily.

• Allergy Certified.

• Pesticide Free.

• Requires two applications (eight hours or overnight), seven days apart.

Always read the label.
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