Dioralyte Relief 治疗腹泻 急性脱水 可快速有效地补充流失的水分和体内盐分 黑加仑口味 - 6 包Dioralyte Relief Sachets in Blackcurrant Flavour 6 Sachets

Dioralyte Relief 治疗腹泻 急性脱水 可快速有效地补充流失的水分和体内盐分 黑加仑口味 - 6 包Dioralyte Relief Sachets in Blackcurrant Flavour 6 Sachets

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Dioralyte Relief Blackcurrant 被推荐用于替代治疗急性腹泻的人体必需的水分和盐分。

在腹泻期间,身体会失去水分和盐分,而 Dioralyte Relief Blackcurrant 会替代这些,同时帮助水样便更快恢复正常。早期使用对于避免脱水很重要,尤其是在年轻人和老年人中。






将一包 Dioralyte Relief 黑加仑子的成分加入 200 毫升(约 7 液量盎司)的饮用水中。为成人和儿童使用新鲜的饮用水。在没有饮用水的地方,应将水煮沸并冷却。液体应在使用前立即补充,任何在 1 小时(或如果存放在冰箱中 24 小时)后未使用的液体应丢弃。Dioralyte Relief 黑加仑在水中配制时是一种乳白色液体。关于如何配制粉末的说明印在每个小袋和随附的传单上。

剂量: - 除非您的医生另有规定。

成人(包括老人)和儿童:每次松动(水样便)后服用一袋,每天最多服用 5 袋,持续 3-4 天。

3 个月至 1 岁的婴儿- 应仅在医疗监督下给予 Dioralyte Relief Blackcurrant。

Dioralyte Relief Blackcurrant 不应给 3 个月以下的婴儿服用。

2岁以下有腹泻的婴儿应尽快就医。如果症状持续存在并且 36 小时后没有改善,您必须立即就医。


如果您患有苯丙酮尿症,则不应使用 Dioralyte Relief Blackcurrant。如果您患有肠梗阻、肾脏或肝脏疾病,或者您的身体盐分受到干扰,或者您正在接受低钾或低钠饮食,请在使用 Dioralyte Relief Blackcurrant 前咨询您的医生。


Dioralyte Relief Blackcurrant 可用于怀孕和哺乳期间,但只能在医疗建议下使用。该药品含有高达 2.5 vol% 的乙醇(酒精),即每剂高达 191 毫克,相当于每剂 4 毫升啤酒或 1.7 毫升葡萄酒。它可能对那些患有酒精中毒的人有害。孕妇或哺乳期妇女、儿童及肝病、癫痫等高危人群慎用。

储存于 25°C 以下干燥处。将所有药物放在儿童看不到和拿不到的地方。


    • 这是一种药;如果您有潜在的健康问题、正在服用任何其他药物或补充疗法,或者症状持续存在,请咨询您的医生或药剂师。

    • 如果您正在哺乳、怀孕、计划怀孕或患有过敏症,请在使用前寻求建议。

  • 将所有药物放在儿童接触不到的地方。



有效成分:每包含有预煮米粉 6G、柠檬酸钠 580Mg、氯化钠 350Mg 和氯化钾 300Mg。


What are Dioralyte Sachets?
Dioralyte Sachets are designed to help to rehydrate those who are suffering from diarrhoea or vomiting that has caused dehydration. If you’re suffering from dehydration and need a way to rehydrate and replace the essential salts your body has lost, Dioralyte could be the perfect product for you. This product comes in three flavours: natural, citrus, and blackcurrant, in packs of 6 or 20 sachets.

When would I need rehydration sachets?
Your body needs to be hydrated to function at its best, there are many reasons why you may be dehydrated, with diarrhoea and vomiting being two of the most common causes of dehydration. When you’re dehydrated, your body won’t just be missing water, but essential salts that your body needs too. If you are dehydrated, you may experience the following symptoms:

Feeling thirsty
Dark yellow or strong-smelling pee
Dizziness or light-headedness
Dry mouth, lips, or eyes
Not using the bathroom as much as usual, or fewer than 4 times a day
If you are feeling dehydrated, you could use rehydration sachets to help to provide your body with the water and salts it needs to avoid these symptoms and function properly.

Why does vomiting cause dehydration?
If you’re vomiting regularly while you’re ill, you can become dehydrated. This is because your body is losing more fluids than it’s taking in, and it’s also losing essential salts and nutrients when you throw up. Your body needs water to function properly, so when you’re losing fluids through vomiting or diarrhoea you can become dehydrated quite easily.

How do oral rehydration sachets help with dehydration?
Oral rehydration sachets like Dioralyte rehydrate your body by helping to replace the water and salts that your body loses when you are dehydrated or have diarrhoea. They contain salts and glucose which helps your body to absorb electrolytes and water more efficiently, helping to provide the perfect balance of electrolytes that your body needs to remain healthy.

Can I take these sachets if I’m taking other medication?
If you’re taking any other medication, including those you obtained without a prescription or herbal remedies, you should speak to your doctor or pharmacist before taking Dioralyte. This product can affect the way some medicines work, and it can be affected by other medicines itself, but a doctor can help you to avoid this.

Can I take this product if I’m pregnant?
You should speak to your doctor or pharmacist before taking this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Some products may not be suitable for you to take at this time, and if you’re vomiting or have diarrhoea during pregnancy then it would be a good idea to get your doctor’s advice.

Is this product suitable for children and babies?
Dioralyte sachets are suitable for children and babies who have diarrhoea and need rehydration. However, if your baby is younger than 2 years old, you should only give them this product under the guidance of a doctor. Your doctor will need to work out how much Dioralyte you should give to your baby, based on how much they weigh.

How to use Dioralyte Sachets
To use Dioralyte Sachets, just empty one sachet into a 200ml glass of water and stir until powder dissolves. Drink after every loose stool. If you are treating children, one sachet in 200ml of water will be enough, but some adults may find that 2 sachets dissolved in 400ml of water will be needed. Always use fresh drinking water with Dioralyte Sachets, do not dissolve the powder in anything else.

Can I mix these sachets with anything other than water?
Dioralyte oral rehydration sachets should only be mixed with water, as mixing with other liquids can affect how well this product works. For example, the ingredients in other drinks may affect the essential salts that are in this product, making the solution less effective than it should be at easing dehydration.

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